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◊(define-meta title "Books to Read")
◊(define-meta updated "2016-09-30")

◊strong{"Best-of" Lists:}

    ◊item{◊link["/posts/50-books-every-child-should-read.html"]{50 Books Every Child Should Read} — picks from three of Britain’s leading children’s authors and two in-house book experts at the ◊emph{Independent}.}
    ◊item{◊link["/posts/33-best-science-fiction-books.html"]{The 33 Best Science Fiction Novels Ever} collected from an Ask Reddit post.}

◊strong{Good Recent Reads}

◊amazon["0575127724"]{◊image["book-thething.jpg"]{The Thing Itself}} ◊amazon["1455561789"]{◊image["book-beforethefall.jpg"]{Before the Fall}} ◊amazon["0547572484"]{◊image["book-maninhighcastle.jpg"]{Man in High Castle}}