Racket School 2019

How to use this repo

How to use this repo

You can “use” this repo by clicking around and reading code, wiki pages, etc.

You can also use Fossil to clone your own copy of everything you see here.

  1. If you don’t already have it, download the Fossil executable and put it on your $PATH
  2. Clone this repository:
    > fossil clone https://thenotepad.org/repos/rs2019 rs2019.fossil
  3. You might as well set autosync to 0 (off) or to pullonly. (See below for more info about why):
    > fossil settings autosync pullonly
  4. The rs2019.fossil file you just cloned is a Fossil repository. “Open” it to unpack a checkout of the latest version of the source code into your current directory:
    > fossil open myclone.fossil
  5. Fiddle with the source code as you see fit. Read Fossil Quick Start.
  6. You can also open your own local copy of the web UI:
    > fossil ui
  7. To get the latest version of the code:
    > fossil pull

Some tips for Git users