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◊(define-meta title "Delicious Linkrolls Not Working")
◊(define-meta published "2010-09-02")
◊(define-meta topics "Delicious")

I wanted to create a linkroll on my website, an embedded list of my ◊link[""]{} links. Problem was, the ◊link[""]{linkroll code they generated} resulted in…nothing. No links appeared on my website using their code.

I tried manually opening the URL in the script tag, which refers to a ◊code{} address, and the browser told me it couldn’t find the site!

On a whim I tried removing the “www” from the address, and voila. The script worked. So when you add the code to your site, change ◊code{} to ◊code{}.

I have sent a support request to Delicious about this and will update the post when I hear back from them.

◊updatebox["June 2011"]{I don’t know if they’ve fixed it yet, but after ◊link[""]{recent developments} threw the future of delicious into doubt, many of us have switched to ◊link[""]{Pinboard}. Their linkroll code also happens to work perfectly, you can find the javascript widget on their ◊link[""]{resources page}.}