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Delicious Linkrolls Not Working

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I wanted to create a linkroll on my website, an embedded list of my links. Problem was, the linkroll code they generated resulted in…nothing. No links appeared on my website using their code.

I tried manually opening the URL in the script tag, which refers to a address, and the browser told me it couldn’t find the site!

On a whim I tried removing the “www” from the address, and voila. The script worked. So when you add the code to your site, change to

I have sent a support request to Delicious about this and will update the post when I hear back from them.

Update, June 2011

I don’t know if they’ve fixed it yet, but after recent developments threw the future of delicious into doubt, many of us have switched to Pinboard. Their linkroll code also happens to work perfectly, you can find the javascript widget on their resources page.