The Notepad is old and grody

About The Notepad

◊Pollen source

The Notepad is the successor to my old tech-notes blog “Notepad.Exe”. Originally it existed mainly for me to record solutions to unusual computer problems that crop up regularly in IT work, in hopes that anyone googling for help on the same problems in the future could find what they needed. Now that Stack Overflow exists that’s not as necesary as it used to be, but I still need a place for some kind of techie fish-wrap style blogging so here we are.

The site is written with Pollen, which means it’s basically a LISP program that spits out a website and a book from the same sourceI have written about this dual-publishing approach in the article The Unbearable Lightness of Web Pages.. You can see the source code on Github.

The fonts used on this site are Source Sans Pro (free) for headings and body, and Triplicate for code.

Previous incarnations of the site can be found at (2012) and the Wayback Machine (2006).