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Artifact [1b6cc1]

Artifact 1b6cc1b75a45ca94fcee2cb6aeb9a12afbc44c390edf99a1a64055640889b24a:

Ticket change [1b6cc1] - Ticket [f08d3a4db31bda0c|f08d3a] <i>Need to allow a roll-off in case of tied teams at end of round</i> status still Open with 4 other changes by joel on 2018-11-20 03:42:15.
D 2018-11-20T03:42:15.738
J login joel
J mimetype text/x-fossil-plain
J priority Immediate
J resolution Open
K f08d3a4db31bda0c109f7688864b4cffb8bf3e44
U joel
Z a340c0e306c613dfec860d31f1aef6e4