Bunco Simulator

Artifact [7d4abe]

Artifact 7d4abecc4aecc108e542427dc15d623f010fb51d3142d8123910cd8da6a080ee:

Ticket change [7d4abe] - Closed ticket [245ddedf96524289|245dde]: <i>Ability to send SMS to players with results of each round</i> plus 4 other changes by joel on 2018-11-22 22:28:53.
D 2018-11-22T22:28:53.875
J icomment Closed\s[341cdc]
J login joel
J mimetype text/x-fossil-plain
J resolution Fixed
J status Closed
K 245ddedf96524289e291e120686da692d8704ad9
U joel
Z c4aa7328286d33cc22913fd603866559