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Artifact a8d580e65c3cc601c83188a1fd81cc6d33ea1a341cc9b6a6b86e5315408c4441:

Ticket change [a8d580] - New ticket [245ddedf96524289|245dde] <i>Ability to send SMS to players with results of each round</i>. by joel on 2018-11-22 12:09:52.
D 2018-11-22T12:09:52.397
J login joel
J mimetype text/x-fossil-plain
J severity Important
J status Open
J title Ability\sto\ssend\sSMS\sto\splayers\swith\sresults\sof\seach\sround
J type Feature\sProposal
K 245ddedf96524289e291e120686da692d8704ad9
U joel
Z d51b43aab4987058a778302d4cc80c48