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  1. Ticket change [1916bc] (rid 96) by joel on 2018-11-26 19:58:50:

    1. icomment:
      The counter would be checked/incremented at the start of a round. Would need to add prizes and score sheet output.
    2. login: "joel"
    3. mimetype: "text/x-fossil-plain"
    4. severity initialized to: "Important"
    5. status initialized to: "Open"
    6. title initialized to:
      Track number of consecutive rounds at any given table/head table
    7. type initialized to: "Feature Proposal"
  2. Ticket change [b2bc91] (rid 97) by joel on 2018-11-26 19:59:08:

    1. login: "joel"
    2. mimetype: "text/x-fossil-plain"
    3. priority changed to: "Medium"
    4. resolution changed to: "Open"