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Timeline Of Ticket 8bc9b13fd416780666bec7627376e897574f9ff0
04:35 Closed ticket [8bc9b1]: Support “traveling” prize plus 2 other changes artifact: 687e10 user: joel
03:16 Fixed ticket [8bc9b1]. artifact: fc5641 user: joel
03:15 Ticket [8bc9b1]: 4 changes artifact: 19297f user: joel
Add support for fuzzy die tracking (closes [8bc9b13fd4]) check-in: d1c9ab user: joel tags: trunk
16:28 Ticket [8bc9b1] Support “traveling” prize status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 765b2e user: joel
16:28 Ticket [8bc9b1]: 4 changes artifact: 00d6ee user: joel
16:28 New ticket [8bc9b1]. artifact: 7faf5d user: joel