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Marked 2 Previews of Scrivener Files Coming Up Blank

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You’re supposed to be able to drag and drop a Scrivener file onto the Marked app icon in the dock and have Marked open a preview for you.

However, when I did this on one particular Scrivener file, the Marked preview came up blank–even though I had plenty of Markdown-formatted content project.

I finally found the solution, after checking other thingsIncluding whether “Include in compile” was turned on for each document within each document in the Scrivener project—if it’s unchecked, Marked does exclude it from the preview, even though no “compile” is actually taking place from Scrivener’s perspective.. When you create a new “blank” Scrivener project, it gives you a couple of default folders; one of those is named Drafts and contains a blank text document. That Drafts folder, it seems, is actually supposed to be the root folder of all your project’s content.

What I had done was create a folder outside the Drafts folder and create all of my content there. Marked will not preview content located outside the Drafts folder.

The solution is to rename the original Drafts to something else like Content, and create a separate Drafts folder under it. Then make sure everything you might want to preview in Marked is located under that Content folder.

I’m using the latest version of Marked 2 (2.4.10) and Scrivener (2.6)