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WriteMonkey: Tips and Tricks for Writers

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I use WriteMonkey for almost all my writing. It’s the best Windows-based text editor I have found for writing prose (as opposed to programming code).

WriteMonkey is extremely Markdown-friendly—useful if, for example, like me you write all your blog posts in Markdown format.

Not all of WriteMonkey’s features are well-explained or documented, so I’m writing them up here.

Configure Markdown features

Some undocumented features I found by accident

Use WriteMonkey to write your book

WriteMonkey has a number of great features for writers:

The upcoming version ( as of this writing), however, will have some great project management functionality. (See here for more info)

Let us know of any additional tips in the comments!


Kabi ParkApril 02, 2013

I like writing using Draft which is online editor and supporting markdown & version control instead of WriteMonkey.

apps4allNovember 11, 2014

You should have a look at SmartDown : More infos which provides a zen UI and advanced features like focus mode or is able to “fold” markdown